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January 20 2016


Nowadays, people are more inclined to look and feel more comfortable with their bodies. For the past years, decades and centuries, people have been using ancient techniques to get rid of unwanted hairs. We have been doing waxes, tweezing, depilatory creams, and shaving and even threading that (to be really honest) can be very painful and can have irritations and other side effects. But with the progress of our technology these days, there is a new way to remove unwanted hairs on our body without the pain and the time-consuming process, devices and methods.


Top home laser hair removal machine is now the most talked about technology that enables dermatologists and consumers themselves to treat unwanted hairs on their body in a very affordable price and can be a time-saver. It is now affecting all the mind sets of our generation to clean ourselves by getting rid of all the hairs in the specific parts of our body like underarms, chest, abdomen, back, arms, bikini area, legs and even pubic areas. And it is not just the women who are doing this but also the men. Yes! Men are now also removing hairs on their bodies to make them feel good and be well-groomed. “Manscaping” is really becoming a trend all over the world and is still increasing. Research shows that men, usually under-30s, are now doing laser hair removal because of pressure to have a hair-free body.

Change of Perceptions

Even in the UK, were most women are known not to shave their underarms and legs, it has rapidly changed its traditions. In the same research, the statistics show that for women who are having hair laser removal is now getting higher. 82% of these women are now shaving their legs, 78% are for removing underarm hairs and 57% shave their pubic areas.

Undoubtedly, the laser hair removal has really changed our ways of thinking and how our body looks. And with our still improving technology, we can be sure that hair removing devices will only be getting better.

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